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I’m Sue Sant – strategist, mentor, life coach – my purpose is to help you find yours

I specialise in revitalising the mind, body and future of those who’ve lost sight of themselves, their courage or their identity.

Empowering you to feel vibrant, grounded and purposeful

I spent over 20 years in the corporate world developing employees and their performance. My job was to problem solve, facilitate change and coach resilient leaders. This often involved talking through their personal barriers, dreams and aspirations. But in my personal life, I was suffering unimaginable tragedies – events that could easily have tipped me over the edge.

Despite these experiences – or because of them – I found resources I never knew I had

I drew on my strengths to focus on the future, and as I did, I inspired the people around me to do the same. As a natural intuitive, I connected with others on a deep level. And because they could be authentic and vulnerable with me, I was able to get to the core of matters, and share practical strategies for developing a better state of mind. I could guide them in career choices; deal with difficult situations and both personal and professional challenges.

It became clear that personal coaching was my purpose and my path. Now I help clients with their journey through self-discovery to achieve their purpose and their path.

Helping you stabilise the foundations of emotional health, success and happiness

Perhaps you’re not getting the recognition you deserve at work or at home. Or you’ve gone through a difficult life event, like illness or divorce. If you’re confronted by the ageing process or your kids are flying the nest, you might find you’re questioning who you are and what’s it all about.

There may be lots of reasons you’re feeling bored or broken, but you know you want to shift into a new and wholesome energising life.

You’re capable, strong and have years of wisdom on the clock but you haven’t done this before. You want to explore and redefine your own personal and professional goals but you’re not sure how to start.

My holistic coaching programs help you regain balance, direction and control

Revivify coaching is about re-designing your life so you can step purposefully into your future. It’s about fortifying you, redirecting purpose and helping you write the next chapter of your life.

My approach combines personal and professional coaching to cover:

  • Career
  • Relationships
  • Family
  • Creativity
  • Health & wellbeing
  • Mindfulness

I support you to become the person you feel you are inside – or want to be. I support you towards self care and taking responsibility for your own wellbeing and success.

What story will you tell? Will it be one of failure, compromise and settling for less? Or will it be a masterpiece that zings with energy and empowerment – and the emerging of your inner and outer beauty?

If you’re ready to commit to personal growth and the space of possibility, I’m excited to help you.

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